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How to make BANK off Instagram using Social Media Marketing

By November 13, 2016Instagram

Millions and Millions of dollars are being made off Social Media every single day. People are making bank off instagram using social media marketing. The reason why is because everyone is always constantly on their phones. It seems as humans, we’ve became addicted to using these devices. If you look around you – you will constantly see a social media app opened. One of the biggest social media networks is called Instagram.

Instagram is a very powerful social media network because of the amount of traffic it contains. Traffic can also be referred to as “Amounts of People” – We then can use this traffic for our own benefits AKA money.

Using our powerful King Millionaire’s eBook – you too will soon be able to abuse this amazing network and make some great cash. You just have to be patient as it does require some work and a decent mindset to make money from Instagram.


Getting Started –

Alright – Let’s first discuss the structure of how exactly we go from an Instagram Account to Making Guap.

Basically, we’ll be making an account that’s very niche specific – this basically means pick a category for an instagram account and base the content on that category. An example would be Funny Videos or you could also do things like Fitness.

After picking the niche and creating the account, we’ll be posting very very high quality media – meaning you’ll need to make your own images and watermark them (include text with your instagram account name on the image/video) to attract the eyes of others and gain them as a follower.

Once we start posting very high quality media, we’ll be using our secret follower method to gain tons of followers very quickly. All of the followers are active and very engaged – meaning they’ll be likely to make us money.

After doing so let’s say we have 5000 followers on one account – we’re going to try other methods to get even more followers. Some of these consist of trading shoutouts with other accounts to offering rewards for people who shout you out. We have so many ways for you to gain followers.

After all of this and we have a ton of followers (20k-100k) we can start making some money.

Some methods include but are not limited to:

  • Selling Shoutouts ($50+ a Day)
  • Promoting Surveys/App Downloads ($100+ a Day)
  • Sell the Account itself ($1000+)

Now that you understand the jist of it – let’s go ahead and get started!

Android vs IOS

In this section, we’ll be discussing which device is better. The truth is – they both work the same. Sure IOS may have some minor benefits – but overall it really doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is that you’ll be using different apps to edit videos, gain followers, and rip media. But overall, they’re about the same.

It just depends on what you prefer- I prefer IOS devices as it’s just more comfortable to me.

Downloading Apps

Now this is where Android vs IOS does matter. We need two different types of apps maybe even three – depending on what you’ll be posting.

We need a Instagram Media Ripper, a video editor, and an image editor.

IOS Apps:

  • RapidSave (Powerful Image/Video Downloader)
  • Over (Paid app to edit photos)
  • Font Candy (Free app to edit photos)
  • Color Cap (Free app to edit photos)

Android Apps:

  • EasyDownloader (Powerful Image/Video Downloader)
  • Word Swag (Paid app to edit photos)
  • Phonto (Free app to edit photos)

After choosing your ripper and photo/video editor – it’s now your job to start making content so we can attract followers.

Picking a Niche

Alright picking a niche is the most important part of all of this – because if you choose a bad niche then you’re screwed because you wont get sales or money.

Here are some general niche ideas:

  • Motivational Quotes
  • Funny Images/Videos
  • Memes
  • Fitness Pages
  • Female (Sexy) Page
  • Male (Sexy) Page
  • Makeup Page
  • Technology Page
  • Gaming Page
  • Luxury Page
  • Car Page

Do something that interests you – you can make money from literally any niche as long as people enjoy the page you’ll be set.

After choosing the niche you have to decide on how you’ll make the money. An example would be if you choose funny images/videos – you have to understand that most of your followers/traffic will be younger kids – so this means they’re more gullible but they dont have money. So selling a product would NOT be a good idea – in this case you can offer “Free iPhones” if they complete a survey. Then you’ll bank.

If you’re doing a motivational/luxury page – You can eventually sell Clickbank Products such as eBooks for commission on things like “How to make tons of money” and “How to get motivation easily” – This is not important right now you need to first build the page and have the followers to even think about making money – so let’s move along.

Setting up a Profile

This is an important step and it’s actually relatively easy to do . You want to set it up your account to the point where if someone views it – they’ll be like “WOW! LET ME FOLLOW THIS PAGE”

Here is the best example – Learn from the best:

Use some wording that will attract followers to your page.

Include contact information.

Include a link whenever you’re ready to advertise surveys or sell products (for now leave empty)

Creating Content

When creating your content you want to focus on high quality. High quality posts are mainly defined by the media (photo and video) , description, hashtags, and engagement. We’re looking to focus on all 4 things.

Let’s start with the media – It all depends on your page. You want to either make your own images/videos by finding a background image and adding text to it (depends on the page) or you can rip images/videos from other pages and place your watermark on it.

You want to watermark your images/videos on the bottom right with your instagram username so you can get more followers if someone reposts it.

With descriptions you want to go for something like this format:






For hashtags, Download a Hashtag application or google “Popular Hashtags by Category Instagram” and just copy and paste those hashtags – this will bring you extra traffic.

For engagement in the TAG A FRIEND… spot you want to simply say something like Tag a friend if they agree with this video or pic – or like tag a friend who finds this video/image inspiration – or tag a friend who does this… (Pretty simple to do)

Following Method (Powerful)

Here’s a very powerful following method – I used to use. Basically what you want to do is find a page that is low quality and that has at least 3k followers.

Low Quality Definition

  • Page that doesn’t use watermarks
  • Images may not fit on the screen
  • Uses no hashtags
  • Poorly made

You can find these pages by using one of your hashtags – If your niche is Motivational Quotes – just go to #motivationalquotes and find one of these pages.

After finding one of these pages – follow 10% of their recent followers. If they have 10000 followers follow 1000 of them.

Only follow 400-500 a day – if not instagram will limit you.

The reason why we’re following these people is because our page is higher quality – and if those people followed a poorly made page – they’ll 100% follow our page. It’s really that simple and you’ll BOOM in followers which is key to making money.

5,000 Followers Method

After you have 5000 followers it gets really easy to get followers. Even if you have 2000 this works really well.

Basically you want to find pages either lower quality or higher quality in the same niche as you and ask them if they want to trade shoutouts – Like you’ll give a shoutout to their page and they’ll give you one as well.

This will work for the rest of your instagram account and it works extremely well with bigger accounts.

You can even use your own account to grow other of your own accounts (once you make more) which could work relatively well.

After 5000 followers, everything is a breeze – You’ll have more likes/comments which will give you a chance to be featured on a hashtag and people will see your post without you having to follow anyone.

Enjoy this!

How to make money off followers?

So you’re ready to make money off these followers huh? I would only recommend this if you have 20k+ followers as it works the best that way.

You have 3 options:

  • Sell shoutouts
  • Promote CPA


To sell shoutouts google “Buy/Sell Instagram Shoutouts” and add your account to one of these websites.

People will then contact you and send you paypal $ for them to have a shoutout – You can also do these on forums such as BlackHatWorld or HackForums.

Promote CPA

You can promote surveys/app downloads from OGAds.com – sign up there and create a content locker.

Once you created the content locker it’ll give you a link – Use the link and tell people if they do your survey they get a prize or it’s a giveaway of some sort.

People will do your survey and you’ll get $1-$2 per survey (USA Leads)

And download-open apps and you’ll get $0.45 per app downloaded.

Maintaining the Account

Once you’re a bigger account you  want to chill with following people as you risk losing your account. You can also get Massplanner to automate actions such as following, liking, commenting, and etc. If you’re interested in using Massplanner and want help setting it up contact us. Congratulations! You made it to the end – I’m glad you followed our guide. If you follow every step we laid out – It is promised income.

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