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Which Niches Perform the Best on Instagram?

By November 9, 2016Instagram

I’m sure if you do social media marketing, you are always looking for which niches perform the best and which niches have the best CVR. Well, to make things easier I’m going to let you know which niches the KingMillionaires’ Team prefers. (This is our personal opinion backed up by the amount of income we’ve generated.)


Niche #1 – Motivational Quotes

The reason why this is one of our favorite niches is because the amount of traffic you can generate from Instagram using motivational quotes. When it comes to do this niche your main focus is VERY high quality content because of the amount of competition there is. Although there is high competition, there is a lot of rewards if you can build a nice page. Once you get a high-follower count page, you are able to sell shoutouts to the smaller pages for good money – or you can even sell affiliate marketing products (digital) to people who are interested in changing their life.

Niche #2 – Funny Pictures/Videos (Memes)

This niche is very POWERFUL – BEWARE! The reason why this is a great niche is because of our age group on the audience. The ages range from 12 years old to 17 years old – Which is amazing for surveys and app downloads. You can use OGADS.COM to promote surveys and app downloads! All these kids are gullible when it comes to giveaways – so just throw on that you’re giving away an iphone and content lock it with either survey completions or app downloads. These pages are also very easy to grow because the amount of youngsters on Instagram. It’s probably the easiest niche for content – all you need to do is download an app like 9Gag and you’re set!

Niche #3 – Luxury

Luxury is a great niche to do because the quality traffic you’ll be getting from it. Most of your followers will be people with big dreams which can generate a lot of money. You can sell them digital products on how to change their life or gain a financial advantage online. The good thing with the luxury niche – You can focus on valuables such as Sport Cars, Watches, Clothing, Motivation, and even Houses! You can basically hit a wide-range audience with this niche which is absolutely fantastic!


Whichever niche you do choose, just know it does require hard work to maintain the niche, gain followers, and post premium content. If you want to learn how you can do all of this feel free to check out our Free Ebook on How to Make Money Online!

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