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Profit from Instagram Stories with a Follower Base

By November 9, 2016Instagram

When you’re a huge company like Instagram (owned by Facebook) – It really doesn’t matter if you steal features from other applications because you’re still top dog. Instagram has 1.71 billion active users every single month – and it’s a very popular platform. You have to realize that Instagram is a very powerful social media marketing medium just because you have the whole world population that uses mobile devices at your finger tips.


Method #1 – Selling Products

If you have a solid instagram page with a nice follower base in a niche such as Fitness – You would make great bank. You can sell products such as protein or even workout programs from websites like Clickbank.com – Basically how it works is you sign up on Clickbank and you pick a product you want to advertise. These products pay commission for each sale generated. Commission can range anywhere from $25-$100 per sale. After you pick the product – It’ll generate a link, all you have to do is put that link on your Instagram page – and make a testimonial post about how the product works.


Method #2 – Advertising Surveys

Advertising surveys such as Free iPhone giveaways or Free Giftcard giveaways can generate nice change on Instagram if you have a decent follower base. This works the most effective with the younger age group. You can sign up on CPAGrip.com – Create a content locker and then promote offers. You send out your link to your follower base and if they want to participate in one of these giveaways they’ll complete a survey


Method #3 – Selling Shoutouts

Find similar pages that are related to your niche and offer to sell them shoutouts. You can sell shoutouts through Paypal directly – or you can even make a small store through Rocketr.net – Rocketr is a way to offer digital products and they use paypal as a processor. You can also track all your sales and even send out confirmation codes. You can even have affiliates sell products for you – Overall, rocketr is a very solid processor.


Using all 3 methods, you can make tons of money on Instagram with the right niche and if you have a decent follower base. Instagram is a very powerful resource when it comes to offline and onlne businesses because how fast and how direct you can reach you target audience with just a few hashtags. Learn how to make money online by reading our FREE EBOOK!

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